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be everything you really are

"Kintsugi is often seen in  my art and means 'gold connection': symbolize your worth,  your best self, and  be unique. Your past matters. Embrace your flaws, brokenness and imperfections. The world needs you."
“Everything you need is already within you, step out and  be unique!"
“Exchange the lies they told us and defined us, as we should be with the truth of how you are is your power to this world. Be unique in your own way!”


My name is Claudia Gantenbein.

Claudia Gantenbein was born and raised in a little country called Switzerland. As a child, she was always funny, creative, happy, and encouraging to everyone around her. She loves the uniqueness of each person and helping them love themselves for it. Claudia always sees the positive in everyone.


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"Through my paintings I want to give you hope, a chance to reflect on yourself, to find yourself, to know your true self and to live it because that is where the power lies."

Follow your heart! My deepest wish is, to help you find your own roots, voice, and power, to make this world a better place. If we follow our God given gifts and not compare us with one another, we can make the world better together. Accept how and who you are, because each person in its unique way is needed and has a purpose. Only in our originality we can be true, honest, and transparent.


My wish is that with my art I can help you understand who you are and why you are the way you are. I want it to encourage you to be your true self and love every aspect of you. Don’t compare yourself with others, don’t take your value from an education or job title, you are valuable and important just by being you. Nobody is better than the other.


Everyone has a past, and we can grow and learn from it. Step out of your comfort zone and let Gods plan be your guide. Be the person God created you to be before the world tries to change you! Be unadulterated and pure! Yes, you can simply be how God made you! 

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