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The Full Story

For six years, Claudia together with her husband and kids, lived in South Carolina, US. Shortly into living there, she realized the difference in culture, people, and lifestyle. Different culture, yet we are all living in the same world. Different people, yet we are all created by the same God. Different lifestyle, yet we are all surrounded by the same daily challenges.


Claudia started out with a career in pharmacy, then went back to school to become a professional make-up artist. She worked in movies, theaters, operas, and musicals. Additionally, Claudia started her own business as a makeup artist and handmade high-end jewelry. Afterwards she made an education as a Christian based individual personal coach. Parallel to it all, Claudia’s biggest joy is to be a wife and mother.


Claudia has always had a passion for art. Whether it’s doing arts and crafts with her kids, transforming people into their movie character, or bringing an empty canvas to life. Art brings color in this broken world – making this world a better place with art.


She deepened her knowledge in the world of art at various schools in Switzerland, Germany, Holland (online) and in the US, during her stay there. Currently she is enrolled in an art graduate program at Milan Art Institute, Atlanta.


Today, she is a full-time artist in an amazing studio, she would’ve never dreamed of years ago. So, if you would ask Claudia about her story, her answer will always be, never give up! 


The world is a better place with art out from your heart! 

Be You! 

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